Top travel tips for business travellers

For many professionals, business travel is a necessary evil, but seasoned business travellers have a few tricks up their sleeves to help make the most of their time on the road. Here are some top tips you can use when travelling for business, all of which will hopefully make your journey far less stressful.

Pack light

Packing light allows you to avoid baggage fees and save time at the airport. It also saves your back from the weight of heavy luggage and gives you more mobility, meaning you can better deal with public transport, unexpected delays and crowds.



Invest in an easy to transport, lightweight suitcase that is small enough to pass as hand luggage. When packing, be smart and pack clothes and shoes that can be worn more than once. Choose footwear that is suitable in the office, at client meetings and after work.



Another packing tip for regular business travellers is to always stay semi-packed. Have a second set of essentials purely for travel and keep them all together in your suitcase. This includes travel toiletries, travel mobile charger, back up travel documents, business cards, reward cards and even a travel pen. Also, don’t forget the essential earplugs and eye mask!



Travel apps

There are some great smart phone travel applications that can be incredibly handy for business travellers. There are apps that can help you keep track of your expenses, track flights, track traffic conditions, find maps and directions, help locate Wi-Fi zones and much more. It’s worth spending some time investigating top apps for business travellers.



Take advantage of reward programs

If you use a regular hotel chain often, sign up to their reward card program. Earning points can lead to a free overnight stay, as well as perks such as late check outs, free upgrades, access to executive lounges, newspaper delivery and more.



The same rule applies to regular flight carriers, rail networks, restaurants, business services etc. It’s also worth speaking to the managers at each establishment to see if they can offer you some sort of discount as you use their services often.



Stay near the airport

Most business travel means making the most of a full working day at a particular destination, which means either a very early departure or a very late arrival. Ensure you get a good night sleep by staying overnight at an airport hotel. Most hotels near Heathrow airport and other major airport hotels are catered towards business travellers. They provide perks such as business centres, speedy laundry, on-the-go breakfasts and flight check in services, all to ensure you arrive at the airport or your business meeting refreshed, relaxed and ready for the day ahead.



Make the most of spare time

While in transit or in lounging your hotel, use your spare time to work. You can get plenty of work done in situations where you have no office or home distractions. Travelling can be exhausting and the last thing you want to do is return to the office with a backlog of work. Make sure your hotel room has wireless Internet access and business facilities should you need them.

Things to Look for In Getting the Best Corporate Travel Agencies

Traveling for your business should not entail buying expensive tickets for the last minute reservations. With the assistance of “corporate travel agents” or the corporate travel agencies, it is so easy to get reasonable corporate business travel to local and international destinations. The corporate business travel is administered by many of the corporate travel agents, who can assist you, search for economical tickets for your airfare.

These corporate travel agents can also assist you to get economical hotel reservations too; this makes your corporate business travel easily and affordable. They work for exceptional corporate travel agencies that conduct corporate travel packages and can arrange for your business travel. If you require traveling in a large group for a special occasion, then again the corporate travel agencies can come to your help. The agents can get you a favorable discount on your corporate business travel reservations. The services covered by the corporate business travel comprises of booking tickets for your flight travel, road j travel or your train journey. They can also offer bulk reservation for your corporate business travel group and can get you all these at very good discounts.

When you have a good travel agent team, they should be able to plan for and your employees to any destination that you wish in the world. Nonetheless, how can you find out what to expect from the travel agent that you have contacted, let us look at them one by one.

Past involvement in planning corporate trips to the location

There are many destinations in the world, America, Europe Asia and even Africa. Check well in their past undertakings if they have ever arranged for business corporate any of the places that you wish to go. The benefits that will arise from this, is that your agent is well versed in the area, and therefore you can have a stress free travel allowing your employees to relax while on the trip. An experienced travel agency will be able to offer you this and more.

Familiarity with all restrictions, laws, rules and requirements

Nothing can devastate a company event more than realizing that the nation you are about to visit has unusual requirements for issuing out travelling documents, for instance, which one or more individuals from your team do not meet. Discuss with your travel agent if they are acquainted with all the visa requirements and other limitations that may apply to your employees before you plan on the costs.

Numerous destinations have fairly strict rules about what you can carry in your bags when arriving and on your departure from the country, so get to your travel agent for a list of those items and limitations if any. When a group of individuals travel to glamorous destinations on a corporate journey, it is most likely that they will purchase souvenirs and gifts for their family back at home. Understanding what they can and cannot carry is essential, as you undoubtedly do not wish one of your employees to be stopped at the airport due to a problematic purchase they undertook or items they have in their luggage.

Capability to provide a safe, convenient and relaxing trip

Discuss with your travel agent if they can offer you and your employees with a security team if such requirements arises. Several exotic destinations are not normally completely safe, so you should have in mind the option of having a security company protecting you and your business associates if you are out on a safari in Africa, or rafting in a river in South America and so on.

A good standard of organization

The important element to a fruitful corporate trip is the organization. Your chosen travel agent should be capable to handle all the needs you will have such as logistics, a business locality with internet access and other communication systems, tools for your meetings, somewhere to stay and dining for a large group of individuals. If they cannot guarantee you that, they have the right procedures to organize your journey in the best possible way, perhaps you should search for another travel agency for your specific needs.

Supposing your travel agent is able to meet all of the above-mentioned prerequisites, all you have to do is reserve your corporate journey and let your employees know that you are having them on a trip they will remember for many years to come. With the above information on your fingertips, your corporate travel is guaranteed to be smooth by using corporate travel agencies.

The Benefits Of Choosing A Business Travel Services

Online booking of travel is amongst the earliest business applications to emerge from the online market place explosion and it is clearly the most successful. There are so many options with regards to booking travel online, it is a wonder how anybody can have them all straight. You will find new booking tools coming online all of the time. What makes one unlike another, so when ought i use one versus another? There are two kinds of travel, and a couple of varieties of sites to look at. Leisure travel bookings have certainly done exceptionally well on-line, but this article will pinpoint the several choices for corporate booking on the internet and what is important to search for if given the task of choosing the best solution with regards to your company.

First, among all, you definitely have the choice of going on to an airline web site to complete your reservation. This is certainly a powerful way to do it in particular circumstances. You may be informed about the flight you should have and know specifically what the fare should really be from previous experience. Also, the airline websites sometimes offer mileage bonuses for booking online, and there is not any fee normally for booking right on the airline site. Sounds great, right? By going directly while using the airline websites, but actually there are several shortcomings. You could be likely getting your lowest fare for that airline, but you can expect to have better options in case you look into many airlines simultaneously. By selecting a solution that looks by any means airlines simultaneously, you’ll guard against a traveler using their preferred airline in the mileage benefits without regard for price. What you would pay in booking fees using these solutions will probably be in excess of made-up for via the lower fares there are actually on multiple airline searches. Booking sites like Orbitz, Travelocity and Expedia are a example of this specific travel Google search.

Most people are knowledgable about these websites for leisure travel, but additionally, there are business travel divisions of these companies with excellent alternate websites designed specifically for business travel use. What might you expect from the business travel site that is different from the leisure sites? You will definitely get multiple traveler profile information stored on the site, and even corporate reporting capability. You will notice the power for the travel coordinator to book travel for someone else, using a number of plastic cards. You will have some additional business friendly options, including choices to book a vehicle and/or hotel plus the air reservation. You possibly can take care of the entire business travel in just one shot as opposed to visiting multiple sites or making additional cell phone calls. That is one of the best top reasons to utilize an online system similar to this. So, what precisely if you ever look for with a corporate travel online system? Allow me to grant you my thoughts on the most significant issues.

Could it be customized? This is usually a must for the company that really wants to have a handle around the travel program. There needs to be the capability to input corporate contracts for negotiated airfare (with detail into the marketplace or fare class level). This is also crucial for car contracts and individual and chain-wide hotel contracts. The reason why this is definitely essential is two-fold. First, your travelers need access to the absolute lowest fares and rates possible. So as to keep your own contracts, you should perform to a particular standards, essential but often overlooked, is the fact. One example is, you want to make sure that your online booking tool should help drive volume inside the appropriate direction, if you need to drive 35% of your respective business to American Airlines. This actually also holds true for the number of room nights you could have decided to using your hotel partners. A lot of the newest online tools will automatically drive the quantity on the right places determined by your input. While are certainly not this sophisticated, it is possible to ways to remind travelers in their corporate obligations as they are booking through pop-up reminders, banner headlines, etc.

Can it be branded and integrated? For some companies it is deemed an important method to drive adoption for the tool. When you can brand the site together with your brand name and other design options, your travelers may well be more going to take advantage of the product. Brand identity is vital both outside and inside your company. Assuming you have a corporate intranet that travelers are used to using every single day, you will be able to integrate the system getting a Single Sign On application so users can access travel booking internally without having to remember another password for the next system, also.

Which kind of reporting will be generated? If your whole idea of a web based method is to better track traveler spending and activity, you must be sure possible reporting suits you. It probably won’t be anything in close proximity to what you will be useful to, in particular when you’re working with a Travel Management Company that customizes their reports with your specifications, though many corporate systems may offer some baseline reporting. Make sure you gain access to the information you need as it’s being generated.

What kind of backup support it offered? This is maybe the most important issue you’ll appear against. The larger online systems like Expedia and Travelocity have call centers to back you up in emergencies. But are you needing a greater quantity of service through these situations? There are many reasons to utilize a Travel Management Company’s online system in place of using a larger, better marketed company. In the event you partner that has a TMC which offers an on-line system, you could get the give you support do not need to limited to complex reservations and emergency situations, but you’ll also get better support in programming your system. That can bring us to a new section of importance.

Who accounts for programming the web site? Travel program changes happen at all times. You’ll have travelers coming to the company and leaving. If you have them, is going to be renewed and canceled, your contracts. Your company policy will vary, and it’s different for a variety of measure of employee. In every these changes, your online booking system can even change. When these changes happen, who is in charge of updating your computer? If it’s left your choice, have you anybody that is trained in how to make simple the changes you should have? How quick can they implement modifications when it is the TMC’s responsibility? And remember, an online booking site is only as nice as it is really programmed, no matter what way you are going. So who takes responsibility for programming errors?

Who takes care of training users? In the same way a system is just as great as it’s programmed, travelers can merely gain benefit from the system insofar as they’re properly trained. Most of your travelers are likely accustomed to online booking because of personal travel or even in previous business travel, consequently it shouldn’t be hard to coach them with a basic level. However, each site for you to investigate are going to have different good and bad points that travelers must know about. Personal training is much better, although online training will be effective. Is the representation from the company local or ready to send a trainer on your location(s) for additional in-depth training? It goes both for consumer travelers, travel coordinators booking for some, and anyone that should know programming of the site.

There are various things to consider when contemplating online travel booking tools. And it may be a daunting task especially as a result of numerous choices which can be found. Hopefully this article has shed some light on a few of the issues you’ll face. My advice is usually to understand exactly what you will be attempting to accomplish together with the system. If you require further information on examples of the specific options available, I’m happy being a resource for you and discuss the number of choices further. For people with specific concerns regarding any area of online travel bookin, Go ahead and contact meg.

Using your Free Time During Business Travel

If youre a seasoned traveller, you probably know all too well how irritating it can be to have enough free time that you can enjoy a few hours to yourself, but not enough to actually really do anything. No time to spend the day exploring an exotic new city, but too much time to just sit and work or read a book. So what do you do? Well, the key might be in dividing up your free time so you can use it efficiently and, if its what youre after, maybe even see some of that exotic new city after all.



What many people tend to forget when theyre travelling is that not everything needs to be done at once. Sure, you dont have a whole day to get out there and explore Hong Kong, Dubai or even London, but you may have a few hours or an evening, during which you can taxi into the city and visit a museum, art gallery, restaurant, monument, tourist attraction, or even just simply go for a walk through its streets. Each of these activities can be completed in a couple of hours with no need to rush through it so long as you keep it simple and just take on one thing at a time. While this may mean that you dont get to see much of the city youre staying in, you will get to enjoy at least some of it, and thats certainly more than a lot of business travellers manage when they attempt to take on too much at once and find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer choice before them.



Perhaps a normal thing for you to do while travelling is to get out of your accommodation in the morning, then spend the entire day out and about checking out your surroundings and visiting attractions and eateries at your leisure. While on a business trip, this is simply not possible, and thats why its important for you to plan your excursions well enough that you can make the most of any free time you manage to get your hands on.




If youre a seasoned traveller, you probably know all too well how irritating it can be to have enough free time that you can enjoy a few hours to yourself, but not enough to actually really do anything. No time to spend the day exploring an exotic new city, but too much time to just sit and work or read a book. So what do you do? Well, the key might be in dividing up your free time so you can use it efficiently and, if its what youre after, maybe even see some of that exotic new city after all.



What many people tend to forget when theyre travelling is that not everything needs to be done at once. Sure, you dont have a whole day to get out there and explore Hong Kong, Dubai or even London, but you may have a few hours or an evening, during which you can taxi into the city and visit a museum, art gallery, restaurant, monument, tourist attraction, or even just simply go for a walk through its streets. Each of these activities can be completed in a couple of hours with no need to rush through it so long as you keep it simple and just take on one thing at a time. While this may mean that you dont get to see much of the city youre staying in, you will get to enjoy at least some of it, and thats certainly more than a lot of business travellers manage when they attempt to take on too much at once and find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer choice before them.



Perhaps a normal thing for you to do while travelling is to get out of your accommodation in the morning, then spend the entire day out and about checking out your surroundings and visiting attractions and eateries at your leisure. While on a business trip, this is simply not possible, and thats why its important for you to plan your excursions well enough that you can make the most of any free time you manage to get your hands on.



Of course, for important trips youll still need to pull your weight on the working side of things, so some days itll be best to stay in your Heathrow hotels if your business meeting is near an airport in London, for instance, and do some work. That said, however, theres still bound to be at least some time for you to get out and do some sightseeing so just plan your time well and you wont be disappointed.

Business Travel in Asheville, North Carolina: How to Choose the Right Corporate Travel Planner

Business travel is a growing industry in America. As corporations and companies expand into the global market the demand for services tailored to traveling executives and entrepreneurs increases every year.

Technology plays an important role in the development of business travel services and there are many options for companies to choose from including online services such as Expedia, Travelocity or Orbitz and traditional travel-management companies.

Technology, however, will never replace the need for a travel concierge or business travel planner. The expertise and service provided by professionals of this nature can make a business trip more efficient, profitable and fun.

Why Choose a Corporate Travel Planner?

Asheville Citizen-Times writer Diana Kostigen explains in her recent January 27, 2008 article €Follow These Tips to Make Business Travel More Tolerable€ that oftentimes business travelers need assistance in planning, organizing and time managing their trips to various cities.

Kostigen quotes Bob Lambert, senior vice president of commercial sales at Avis Budget Group: €Most business travelers don’t have the time or means to familiarize themselves with leisure activities and opportunities once they arrive at their destination, € Lambert says, €In fact, 23 percent of business travelers surveyed said they often wasted free time because they lacked the time and resources to plan in advance. €

Asheville, NC has become a hot destination for business travelers of all kinds. It is essential that trained, experienced corporate and business travel planners are available to help manage the myriad of duties required to make business trips simple, efficient and effective.


Tips for Choosing the Right Corporate Travel Planner in Asheville, NC

Whether you are coming or going from Asheville and the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, there are basic characteristics you will want in your business travel manager or planner. Here are some tips for making the right choice to suit your personal and business travel needs:

  1. Find a corporate travel planner that knows about the location where you will be staying. The key to time management when traveling for business is all about getting around your location efficiently and easily. Make sure you are lodging somewhere centrally located with easy access to highways, airports and entertainment.
  2. Choose a business travel planner that understands the importance of having the creature comforts of home on the road. Most executives and business travelers are on the road throughout the year. It is important that when personal needs arise contacting your travel concierge for assistance is trouble-free.
  3. Hire a corporate travel planner that can help organize your schedule with professionalism and impeccable service. Many business travel planners can help manage and entertain prospective clients and business associates. Your travel concierge can manage your trip itinerary, purchase tickets for special events, make dinner reservations, plan city tours or golf outings, supervise package delivery, reserve office equipment rentals and more.

Asheville Hotels: Where Business Travel Planning Meets Pleasure and Comfort

Many Asheville hotels now offer business travel services to help executives and entrepreneurs make the most out of their trip to the North Carolina Mountains. Hotel chains such as the Courtyard by Marriott and the Holiday Inn Express offer a variety of basic business travel services such as Internet access, meeting rooms and business centers. Asheville also offers a variety of unique, lodging options that cater more specifically to your individual, professional needs.

If you are a business traveler that prefers a combination of luxury and practicality, one exceptional Asheville hotel is the Residences at Biltmore. A beautiful condo hotel located near Biltmore Village, the Residences at Biltmore offers comprehensive business travel concierge services in an atmosphere created to make you feel like you’re at home.

The Grove Park Inn Resort and Spa is one of Asheville’s oldest hotels. Known for its all-inclusive nature, The Grove Park Inn is almost a city itself. Business travelers can expect to have every luxury at their fingertips. In the heart of downtown Asheville, the Haywood Park Hotel is another great choice. Although the Haywood Park Hotel does not have many on-site business amenities, its location is in the heart of downtown Asheville.


Business Travelers Are Going Places

Travel concierges and business trip planners who cater to the corporate, professional market will always be needed in Asheville, North Carolina and in every city across the U. S. Remember to choose a travel planner who is experienced and will pay close attention to detail to ensure a successful and stress-free business trip.

Business Travel Insurance

Anyone that travels a lot should consider travel insurance, but those that travel for business often overlook the importance of this protection. Business travel insurance is simply a good idea because it can provide you with the protection that you need whether you are travelling just a short or long distance away from home. You never know when you are going to need the protection that insurance can provide, so you should look into business travel insurance before you go on your next trip.


The great thing about business travel insurance is that the individual can purchase it or a company can purchase it. Many companies are choosing to purchase the insurance for all of their employees that travel. This is a very economical way to buy the coverage as many companies can offer bulk buy discounts. This can be a particularly good idea for companies that host a lot of conferences, meetings, team building events, training courses, product launches, and the like. Many businesses offer corporate hospitality outings and the like, and even on these fun getaways employees should be protected and business travel insurance is a great way to get that protection.


If you happen to be an employee that travels to a lot of business oriented annual general meetings, exhibitions, seminars, or conventions and you aren’t provided with business travel insurance you can buy it yourself. The coverage is not at all expensive, and you may even be able to purchase the coverage at the same time that you plan an event or plan your travel, which will make it convenient to purchase. When you purchase this protection you can go on your business travels and not worry about what would happen if you were robbed, if your luggage was lost, or if you needed medical attention in an area where your usual medical or dental insurance was not valid.


Many of us think about travel insurance when we are going on vacation or visiting exotic vacations, but this is not the only time when you need the protection that this type of insurance can provide. Business travel insurance is just as important as the insurance that you would buy when flying across the world for an exotic vacation or honeymoon because there is just as much opportunity for you to encounter health problems or circumstances that you just did not plan for. Why should you be any less equipped to handle these problems on a business trip than you would be when you are on vacation? When you leave home you should feel safe, secure, and confident in your abilities to handle any situation and with business travel insurance you can do this.


If you don’t travel often or you only travel once a year you can opt to purchase your business travel insurance for just one trip. All you have to do is disclose when you will be travelling, where you will be going, and when you will be returning. This is generally very affordable and will offer you the protection that you should have on your one trip. If you travel all the time for work you can choose to buy your business travel insurance for the whole year. While this is more expensive in the beginning, it is cheaper over the course of the year than it would be to purchase the coverage every time you go away on travel. Many times there are also different levels of coverage to choose from, so you can choose from very basic coverage to very extensive coverage, based on your needs. When you purchase the travel business insurance you may want to consider the areas that you travel to as well as what sort of coverage your other insurance coverage may provide as this information will help you determine what sort of coverage you need.


It used to be more difficult to buy travel insurance, and that is why many people simply opted not to do it. In many cases you had to go right to an insurance agent and you had to fill out a ton of paperwork, or you could go to a travel agent and do the same thing. Now, you can purchase your business travel insurance right along with your other travel needs such as but not limited to your event planning services, your car rental services, lodging, transportation, and airfare. This is very convenient and allows for those that didn’t want to bother with the coverage before because of the hassle to purchase the benefits of travel insurance. Next time you receive notice that you have to travel for your job, why not look into travel business insurance and see what protection it can offer you? It’s better to have the protection and not need it than need it and not have it!

for more info visit Business Travel.

Are Travel Agent Service Fees justified?

Travel Agents charge fees and justifiably so. See, I was a Travel Agent for over two decades; I mainly handled VIP Corporate travelers and loved my job! I dealt with last minute travel plans, changes, changes and more changes! This is the nature of the business and we know it, understand it, and deal with it and actually like it. Business plans change frequently, meetings are postponed or delayed or perhaps the business traveler has to meet with new clients and so on, that’s just how it is. I was fortunate; the vast majorities of my customers were extremely generous with their compliments and appreciated my services as a Corporate Travel Agent. However over the years I have heard some travelers voice their concerns over the travel related fees which they felt were unnecessary and unjustified.

Background on Travel Booking sites:

Let me start with a little background about Internet sites that “regular” people utilize to book or make reservations to help make a distinction from what travel agents utilize. I will only mention a few Internet sites, because there are hundreds of sites. A few of the most common and well known internet sites are Expedia, Orbitz, tripadvisor, cheaptickets and bookingbuddy. These are all great reliable, reputable and user friendly “point and click” travel sites frequently used to book your hotel, car, vacation and airline reservations. These online sites do an outstanding job at searching all the possible airfares “out there” based on your request and guidelines.

What will online booking sites do for you?

These sites will check and find you the cheapest, least expensive hotel rate, car rate, vacation package and airfare, usually “non refundable” with many restrictions and require the traveler to read the fine print in order to understand the rules. For instance once the site let’s say “bookingbuddy” finds you the flights you like and the price, all you do is “book it”. These are highly efficient programs that allow you to fill in your personal information into the appropriate boxes or spaces provided, simply put all you do is “point and click” it is that fast and simple. Travelers that do not choose to go through a travel agency have many options as previously mentioned expedia and orbitz. One of the advantages is that the traveler has complete control over their reservation and often times these sites do offer promotions and discounts that are not available elsewhere, and offer huge savings! No question these sites are user friendly, easy to navigate, reliable, reputable and very competitive! These sites specialize in finding you the best price plain and simple. They are efficient, fast and reliable, no question.

Travel Agent computer system:

On the other hand your travel agent does not utilize a “point and click” computer system or program such as the ones mentioned previously, although they can and do often times. It is important to understand that most travel agents utilize airline computer systems such as sabre which is utilized by American Airlines and Apollo which is utilized by United Airlines. These computer systems utilize for the most part complex codes, you might be familiar with the city code LAX and LAS which stand for Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Let’s say you call your travel agent and request a flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas on May 20 at 8am and you happen to be a business traveler. This is what the travel agent would input into his or her computer if using sabre (120MAYLAXLAS8A) this is just the simplest and most basic form of requesting “basic availability” but there are hundreds of other “formats” which the travel agent can utilize to manipulate for more specific results. For instance the traveler only wants to fly on American (AA) because he or she is a frequent traveler and request a business class upgrade or a full coach airfare with no penalties and so on, literally there hundreds of formats and the travel agent has most of them memorized, no “point and click”.

I wanted to point out this distinction between Internet sites and airline computer systems, so you have a basic understanding of the process and perhaps appreciate the travel agent a little more. Travel agents do not have an easy job by any means and their service is highly valued, companies typically pay a fee for their services which are well worth it in my opinion.

Why do travel agencies charge service fees?

Keep in mind airlines no longer pay travel agencies a commission although there are exceptions for those mega agencies that have high volume or airline contracts established, however the commission is normally capped and at times a small percentage. The days of travel agencies relying on commission alone are long gone; this is why travel agencies must charge the customer a fee. There are booking fees, change fees, hotel and car rental fees, and cancellation fees and so on.

What you get in return for service fees:

What do you get in return for these fees? You will have a real person answering the phone when you’re “stuck” at the airport and your flight was cancelled or delayed and you need to come home now, to attend your son’s baseball game. There’s no need for you to login to a computer system which can take a while not to mention retrieve your reservation and make the changes yourself. The customer often times calls from the gate with their dilemma, the travel agent in a matter of seconds locates the reservation, finds the next flight out makes the changes and issues a new “e-tkt” electronic ticket. At this point the customer is given his/her new gate number and given instructions to go, bypassing the long ticket line and on his/her way to his destination.

Yes there are times that all the flights may be full and all that’s available is “standby” but you the traveler did not have to go to every airline to find this out, your friendly travel agent was able to view this with only one entry into his/her computer system, saving you a lot of time.

Some of the Travel Agent duties:

Many times the travel agent is also able to place the traveler on a “wait list” while you head to the gate. Not to mention that travel agents may at times “pull some strings” make a few phone calls, which by the way you are never aware of, that’s just part of our job, and we do it gladly, this is customer service at it best. Keep in mind that while your travel agent is doing this for you, there are probably others also on “hold” waiting to be helped with the same situation or similar, it is a fast paced environment, adrenaline is our fuel and we love it! Oh and by the way every business traveler always wants the “aisle” seat 99% of the time, which is one of their pet peeves.

Consequently if a travel agent cannot get the “aisle” seat, he or she will place you on a “wait list” and as soon as the first person cancels, we “grab it” simple right? Not really but luckily technology is on our side and travel agents use what we call “queues” sort of a filing system, but more complex.

These queues literally work 24/7 on specific tasks, such as monitoring your flight for that “aisle” seat, because we all know how unhappy you the traveler will be, if you had to “God forbid” sit in the “center” seat, and we would never hear the end of it, so these “queues” are a beautiful thing!

More Travel Agent duties:

Therefore please be nice to your friendly Travel Agent, that is working very hard to get you that aisle seat, get you out on the next flight because your flight was cancelled, or call the hotel and pull some more “strings” to waive the 24hour cancel policy, locate your luggage or lap top, find you a room when the entire city is sold due to a “star trek” convention, call Mexico, London and China to negotiate a better room rate for you, call the airport shuttle and “pull more strings” to waive the shuttle fee that you will no longer be needing.

“Bottom line” Travel agents put out a lot of “fires” all day long, it is the nature of the job and we love it! Nevertheless, after you hang up with your travel agent, he or she takes another call and has another “fire” to put out all while being monitored by his or her supervisor to ensure that he/she is going above and beyond and providing excellent customer service.

So yes there are fees involved when you go through a travel agent, but I would say it is well worth it!

Travelers have options:

In short we realize you do have options and if you choose to “book” your own travel plans and make your own changes, then the next best thing is a reputable and trusted site such as expedia, orbitz, bookingbuddy and tripadvisor, it’s really just a matter of preference.

Regardless if you chose a travel agent or internet based booking site, your travel experience should be a pleasant one; after all you are the customer and are entailed to it.

Travel Agents do appreciate your business, Just be kind to the travel agent who has jumped through many hoops to get you that aisle seat and home in time for your son’s or daughter’s baseball game or graduation.

For further information on Service Fees, you may also visit the ASTA website and also read their articles. You may also read more on the United States Department of Labor website.

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The travel agency in Noida India Offers individually with the different types of tourists. Have different departments and sectors that are devoted to different types of travelers. There are some tour operators to make the arrangements for the business, while there are other agents that address the needs of the tourists. There is several travel agents in India have been played by the general sales agents for foreign travel agencies. Travel agency offices are located in the different cities of India. Even the offices are located in countries abroad so that you can make your arrangements.
India travel packages to make the trip to India an experience to treasure forever. Provide ticket to travelers at a discount and make a big deal for a holiday trip to India. Even receive a commission for a good settlement. There are some companies that give a certain amount of percentage from the sale of their products as well.
Tour agents in India are also involved in several other factors, such as the guide books and travel schedules, insurance sales in house, car rental and the services of an exchange office in the compound. They also assist in the foreign currency exchange. Also try to protect their customers against any commercial failure. The travel agencies also sell various tourist packages for companies.
Some of the most popular and common India travel packages, which are offered to the tourists, are the following:
Leisure religious
Nature wildlife
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The Tour & Travel Packages India make a stay in this country of the cultural richness of a memorable experience. Impartial travel tips for tourists are also provided by the travel agents in order to ensure a trip to remember. The packages are offered, so that tourists can take full advantage of the trip without having to worry too much.

Business Travel Jobs Demystified c

All jobs that involve helping people make successful travel plans require a high degree of professionalism, but this is particularly the case with business travel jobs.

Anyone travelling will expect their agent to be excellent at their job: nobody likes to think that they may suffer problems that could have been avoided had their agent been a little more proficient!

But this not only applies in the context of problems. A private or professional traveller is extremely unlikely to be amused if they find that their plans were sub-optimal (e. g. overly expensive) simply because the travel agent didn’t really know their trade. So, ‘getting it right’ and providing an exemplary service is important if you work in a travel agency. Yet in the case of corporate planning, it becomes potentially even more complicated and your customers may well be considerably more demanding.

What makes corporate travel different to recreational travel?

  • Business travellers need to depart at their convenience and in line with the demands of their business, meaning that they may be very reluctant to fit in with any plans that do not conform to their needs. Compromise may sometimes be impossible for them to contemplate.
  • Clients may have multiple requirements that involve them travelling around the globe, stopping and changing flights regularly – that can be a major logistical and coordination effort for the travel agent.
  • Clients may need to depart at short notice and they will expect a fast, efficient and above all, knowledgeable, service.
  • Sometimes vast sums of money may depend on the business traveller being somewhere at a specific date and time – if things go wrong, they may be very pointed in demanding an explanation and an alternative from their agent.

How does this affect business travel jobs?

There are some agents that specialise in providing dedicated services to corporate clients. Some other agents may offer general travel agency services but also have a dedicated department/office/team to cope with the specific challenges presented by business travellers.

Typically, agents tend to put more experienced and knowledgeable employees into their business operations, although that may not always be the case and some may offer training opportunities for beginners. There are City and Guild (plus other) qualifications in many aspects of travel and leisure, and some of these may offer specific modules or courses on business travel.

If you are interested in business travel jobs specifically but lack any previous travel agent experience, it may be advisable to consider finding a position in an agency to learn the basics of the trade, then seek further qualifications and the opportunity to move into the business field. If you would like to search for business travel jobs directly as a trainee, and without previous travel agent experience, you may find this difficult unless you can show a relevant higher academic qualification.

The route to take towards business travel jobs will depend on a number of things, such as your experience, qualifications and perhaps your overall financial position in terms of whether you can support yourself through academic studies on either a full or part-time basis.

Business Travel Jobs – Cruise Staff Positions

If you are looking for an occupation that involves a lot of travel, gaining a cruise staff position could be the perfect opportunity for you. You can gain employment on cruise ships that travel all over the world – often to luxurious locations, such as Hawaii, the Caribbean, Australia, and more.

In addition, you will be paid for travelling to these locations! Plus, most of your standard living expenses will be covered, such as food, room and board, and health insurance, so you can save most of the money that you earn on these business travel jobs!

Business Travel Jobs – What You Need To Gain A Cruise Staff Position

A cruise staff position involves assisting with the operations of the ship so that passengers are at ease and have a great time on their vacations and getaways. This means that you must have a bubbly personality, are friendly, and have patience with those customers who may be rude or insult you for conditions not being up to their expectations.

In order to gain a coveted cruise staff position, you need to be determined and you also need to have some luck when it comes to timing. Some assistant cruise directors are hired within a few weeks of applying, but others don’t get hired until years after they first start applying for the position.

Assistant Cruise Directors

One of the most sought-after positions on a cruise ship is the Assistant Cruise Director. This person helps the Cruise Director in managing and supervising the other cruise staff, as well as many other general responsibilities. They will be visible and high-profile in dealing with the passengers and will assist with coordinating the ship’s activities.

The Assistant Cruise Director is expected to socialise with the ship’s guests and participate in shipboard activities. On some occasions, they will be expected to host an evening show or event. They will also assist the Social Host/Hostess in welcoming passengers onboard and bidding them farewell when they leave the ship.

Other Cruise Staff Positions

If you’re looking for business travel jobs on board a cruise ship, there are many other possibilities, including the following positions:

  • Audio Visual Coordinator
  • Casino Staff
  • Cruise Consultant
  • Cruise Director
  • Social Hosts and Hostesses

Audio Visual Coordinator

The Audio Visual Coordinator is in charge of all light and sound onboard the ship. He/she must oversee the presentation, maintenance, and repair of all audio equipment, including that used in games, presentations, and band performances. The Audio Visual Coordinator is also responsible for setting up the microphones needed during lectures, activities, and performances.

Cruise Consultant

Cruise Consultants get a lot of free time: their main function is to provide information on future cruise trips during regular desk hours, in the hopes of getting those customers to purchase future cruises aboard the ship. If you’ve got the gift of the gab, these business travel jobs could be for you!

Cruise Director

The Cruise Director is in charge of all onboard entertainment. They usually have a background in entertainment and often work their way up from other positions. Many Cruise Directors will give performances a couple of times during a cruise. They are also the most visible of all staff members to the passengers.

So, as you can see, business travel jobs on the high seas come in many different forms and there is great scope to move to different, or better, positions once you have proved your worth. Why not set sail on a entirely new career?